Night of the Musical Dead

Character Cheat Sheet

DUANE WHITE, 25-40 male – our protagonist.   Duane is a teacher at New Britain High.  He’s a bit of a traveler and is used to not having roots or responsibilities.  He has been thrust into a situation where he’s forced to take care of Bunni (who’s gone catatonic) and as a result, he’s also sort of taken control of the survivors trapped inside the house.


BUNNI, 25-45 female  sister of Jimmy.  A little naïve and a lot scared.  Bunni (Barbara, actually) is the sort of person who has never allowed reality to spoil what she perceives as the world around her.  She’s not stupid, but she lives simply and the enormity of the attack of the undead is just too much for her.  Her random ramblings can be some of the funniest stuff in the show – The actress playing the role has to have dead-on (to coin a phrase) comic timing and delivery.


JIMMY, 25-45 male – brother of Bunni.  Cocky and irreverent.  Jimmy is a classic case of sibling rivalry.   He’s immature in the way that all younger brothers are immature in the eyes of their sisters.   Jimmy doesn’t call his sister “Bunni” because it’s really her name – he does it to get on her nerves.


CEMETARY ZOMBIE, ageless male – dead guy.  The shamble is VERY important.


TIM DUTKIEWICZ, 18-30 male – young man in love with Kitten.  Tim is not stupid.  He’s an adolescent in a young man’s body.  He desperately WANTS to experience life (and physical love), but he lacks the emotional vocabulary to express himself well.


KITTEN  SMIGELSKI, 18-30 female – young woman in love with Tim.  Kitten is not stupid either.  She’s probably been a little sheltered and she’s nowhere near as worldly wise as someone like Duane, but that doesn’t mean that she’s an idiot.   Any attempt to play her as an idiot will be met with stony silence on the part of the casting committee.


REPORTER, any age/either gender – Don Traut, ace reporter for local TV station.  Don’s a pro and he knows it.  He’s cocky, like any good reporter has to be.  The events that he is reporting slowly chip away at his cool veneer.


ELLEN ROWLAND, 35-50 female – wife of Harvey, mother of Carrie.   Ellen is a desperate housewife if ever there were one.  She got pregnant on her first date with the man she married and that was the very last thing they had in common.  We also learn in the course of the play that she is living vicariously through her daughter, the beauty queen…Keeping her young so that she doesn’t age.


*WALTER WEBB, 35-60 male – Sheriff of Wicksford.  Walt is a good old boy and faced with a real emergency, displays a marked lack of humanity.  The straighter the lines are delivered for this character, the funnier he will be.


HARVEY ROWLAND, 35-50 male – husband of Ellen, father of Carrie.  It would be too easy to make Harvey a one note character.   He is a reluctant husband and father when he’d probably be much happier as an old bachelor trying to chase women.  Instead, he’s lumbered with a wife and kid and constantly takes out his frustration on them both.


*PAUL , any age male – local moron.  It’s okay – this guy can be stupid.  Sherriff Webb gave him a gun and that instantly became the best of day of this loser’s life.


DR. SMIRCH, 40+, either gender  local medical official.  Or is he?  Smirch has got something to hide.  He knows more about the crisis than he lets on.   OR, he’s a musical theatre manifestation of Michael Brown from FEMA.


*MARY MUGGINS, 30-40 female – Television anchor and not too bright (if that’s not redundant)

*SCOTT SIMPLE, 30-40 male – see above.


*HOMER MOSSBACK, 40+ either gender – Mayor of Wicksford.  Think of your typical small town mayor.  Now think of that mayor faced with a crisis that could seriously mess up his reelection campaign.  Now, you’ve got Mossback.


REV. JERIMIAH WRONGFELLOW, any age/either gender – A spiritual leader in Wicksford.  The Reverend has a knack for saying the wrong thing to the wrong people, so in a way, having a zombie apocalypse means never having to say you’re sorry.


*RADIO ANNOUNCER – poor sap on the local radio station, WXPO (pre-recorded)


CARRIE ROWLAND 30+ female – daughter of Harvey and Ellen.  Carrie is a child beauty queen who has not been given the chance to grow up.  Her mother has kept her like a replica doll for all these years.  Carrie is bitten before the show begins and makes her entrance at the end of the play for the first time as a beauty queen zombie - we’re talking about a zombie with a sash and tiara!  Carrie is filled with Mommie Dearest rage in addition to her undead desire to kill and eat flesh.  This role is small, comparatively, but there is a song and it’s a good ‘un.


ZOMBIES male and female all ages.  The more variety we get the better.   I will challenge cast members to come up with interesting characters that are within the world of the play, but still fun to see.   In other words, what were you doing when you became a zombie?


(* non-singing role)